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U-Pb Labshare

This page is for the promotion of sharing and cooperation between labs united under the common goals of EARTHTIME. It should be used for the posting of longer technique-oriented papers, data templates, suggestions etc. Dialogue should still be done on the FORUM page. Please submit content for this page to Sam Bowring

EarthChem Workshop on Geochronology for U-Pb
EarthChem is a community driven project to facilitate the compilation and dissemination of geochemical data of all types. EarthChem will likely be a major repository of U-Pb geochronological data. EARTHTIME is working with EarthChem to design readily exportable output from U-Pb data reduction programs that can be readily input into the EarthChem data base.

A meeting was held to discuss the minimum data requirements for archiving U-Pb data and the report as well a proposed data entry template are posted here as a pdf. Please look at the report and the list of minimum reportable parameters and provide feedback either to EARTHTIME and/or EarthChem. Your input is crucial!.
Schmitz adds labshare page

Mark Schmitz added a labshare page to his website. There's lots of good stuff there. Check it out!
Tripoli 4 is new software designed to read, edit, and manipulate data collected from mass spectrometers. See the demo and download a trial version here.
Also...Data Sucker is now available. Learn about it here.

EARTHTIME U-Pb spike is now available!!! Get yours here!!
Learn more about zircons from Permian-Triassic Boundary at Meishan and get your samples here!!
Now you can get zircons & baddeleyite from Duluth complex. Look here!!
U­Pb systematics of the McClure Mountain syenite: thermochronological constraints on the age of the 40Ar/39Ar standard MMhb Get a preprint here

Reassessing the uranium decay constant for geochronology using ID-TIMS U-Pb data: Get your preprint of this new and exciting paper here.

As described at the EARTHTIME II meeting:
Here is Jim Mattinson's paper documenting his revolutionary breakthrough in the creation of concordant zircons: Zircon U–Pb chemical abrasion ("CA-TIMS") method: Combined annealing and multi-step partial dissolution analysis for improved precision and accuracy of zircon ages.


U-Oxide correction protocol for 233U/235U double spike

U-Pb reduction program for Mac's or PC's


U-Pb Calibration Solutions

As discussed at the EARTHTIME II workshop, Jim Mattinson, Randy Parrish, and MIT have made their calibration solutions available for the community. Many aliquots have been distributed and there are more available. please request from Sam Bowring.  Below, are the details for all three solutions. Please send requests for Randy's solution directly to him. If anyone else has a good solution that can be used for the intercalibration of our spikes, please feel free to let us know.

Parrish Calibration Solution

Mattinson Calibration solution

MIT Calibration solution