Participation in EARTHTIME by country

The EARTHTIME project is an international effort with the focus of improving the calibration of earth history. We currently have more than 200 members from 30 countries. The success of EARTHTIME is dependent on the participation of a broad group of scientists from different fields and perspectives. If you want to be more involved please email Sam Bowring. Possible activities might include: 1) starting a working group focused on one interval of time; 2) organizing a theme session at a national or international meeting; 3) prepare and distribute a mineral standard for Ar-Ar and/or U-Pb geochronology; 4) contribute outreach materials to the website; 5) offer to host students who are interested in learning more about what you do.


Ricardo Melchor | Universidad de La Pampa


Steve Abbott | Southern Cross University
Richard Armstrong | The Australian National University
Vickie Bennett | The Australian National University
Kenneth Collerson | University of Queensland
Tony Dare-Edwards | Charles Stuart University
Mark Fanning | Australian National University
Geoff Fraser | Geoscience Australia
Dirk Hos | International Stratigraphic Consultants Pty Ltd
Bozana Krsteska | Geoscience Australia
Marc Norman | Australian National University
David Phillips | The University of Melbourne
Keith Sircombe | Geoscience Australia
Richard Stern | Geoscience Australia
Jon Woodhead | University of Melbourne


Urs S. Kloetzli | University of Vienna


Farid Chemale Junior | Rio Grande do Sul University


Julia Statelova | Sofia University


Yuri Amelin | Geological Survey of Canada
Bill Davis | Geological Survey of Canada
Donald Davis | University of Toronto
Claude Dion | Government of Quebec
Greg Dunning |Memorial U. of Newfoundland
Bruce Eglington | University of Saskatchewan
Richard Friedman | University of British Columbia
John Hanchar | Memorial University of Newfoundland
Hans Hofmann | McGill University
Sandra Kamo | University of Toronto
Marc Laflamme | Queen's University
James Mortensen | University of British Columbia
Guy Narbonne | Queen's University
Guy Plint | University Western Ontario
Rob Rainbird | Geological Survey of Canada
Aditya Tyagi | Univ of Western Ontario
Tom Ullrich | University of British Columbia
Mike Villeneuve | Geological Survey of Canada


Alfredo Bertens | Codelco-Chile
Carlos Perez de Are | SERNAGEOMIN


Fukun Chen | Chinese Academy of Sciences
H. E. Huaiyu | Chinese Academy of Sciences
Yugan Jin | Chinese Academy of Sciences
Zhu Maoyan | Nanjing Institute
Fei Wang | Chinese Academy of Sciences
Liekun Yang | Chinese Academy of Sciences
Xingliang Zhang | Northwest University


Polar | Rojas-Linero


Bruce Chandler | The Open University
Daniel Condon | British Geological Survey
Quentin Crowley | British Geological Survey
Andy Gale | University of Greenwich
Matt Horstwood | British Geological Survey
Joe Martin | University of Manchester
Stephen Noble | British Geological Survey
Randy Parrish | British Geological Survey
Marc K. Reichow | University of Leicester
Dr Craig Storey | The Open University


Agrinier | IPGP
Pierre Deschamps | C. national de la rech. scientifique
Sebastien Nomade | C. national de la rech. scientifique
Gilles Ruffet | C. national de la rech. scientifique


Hayfaa Abdul Aziz | LMU Geophysics
Valerian Bachtadse | Munich University
Anke Friedrich | University of Hannover
Konrad Hammerschmidt | Freie Universitat Berlin
Bernd Kaufmann | Universitat Tubingen
Urs S. Kloetzli | University of Vienna
Andreas Muller | University of Potsdam
Rolf L. Romer | GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam
Graham Shields | Westfalische-Wilhelms Universitat
Martin Jan Timmerman | University of Potsdam


Jozsef Palfy | Hungarian Academy of Sciences


Bhasakr Rao Y. J. | National Geophysical Research Inst.
Ravi Bhushan | Physical Research Laboratory
Sreenivas Bulusu | National Geophysical Research Inst.
Jyotiranjan Ray | Physical Research Laboratory
J. R. Trivedi | Physical Research Laboratory
Santosh Kumar Rai | Physical Research Laboratory
R. Rengarajan | Physical Research Laboratory


Marinella Laurenzi | CNR
Gianolla Piero | Ferrara University


Luigi Solari | Ciudad Universitaria
Alexander Iriondo | Universidad Nacional AutÑnoma de M³xico


Karl Heinz Hoffmann | Geological Survey of Nambia


Klaudia Kuiper | University of Utrecht
Oliver Nebel | Vrije University

New Zealand

Mike Palin | University of Otago
Andy Tulloch | Geological & Nuclear Sciences


Bernard Bingen | Geological Survey of Norway
Felix Gradstein | University of Oslo
Bart Hendriks | Geological Survey of Norway
Jan Kosler | University of Bergen
Victor Melezhik | Geological Survey of Norway


Eugen Gradinaru | University of Bucharest

Russian Federation

Dima Grazhdankin | Paleontological Institute
Alexei Ivanov | Institute of the EarthÍs Crust


Dan Barfod | Scottish Univ. Environmental Res. Centre
Richard A Batchelor | University of St Andrews
Kathleen Keefe | Scottish Univ. Environmental Res. Centre
Tony Prave | St. Andrews University
Ruth Robinson | St. Andrews University


Katja | KriÚman

South Africa

Andrew Duncan | University of Cape Town
Maarten de wit | University of Cape Town


Javier Fernandez-Suarez | University of Madrid
Jose Gil Ibarguchi | Universidad del Pais Vasco
Juan Gomez-Barreiro | Universidad de Salamanca
Sren Jensen | Universidad de Extremadura
Teodoro Palacios | Universidad de Extremadura
Pablo Valverde-Vaquero | IGME
Jose Santos Zalduegui | University of the Basque Country


Cajsa Lisa Anderson | Evolutionary Biology Centre
Henning Lorenz | Uppsala University
Nina Rantakokko | University of Stockholm
Ulf Suderlund | GeoBiosphere Science Centre


Svetoslav Georgiev | Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
Albrecht von Quadt | Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
Urs Schaltegger | University of Geneva


Serhat Koeksal | Middle East Technical University

United States

John Alroy | University of California
Eric Anderson | University of Oklahoma
Tony Appelhans | Idaho National Laboratory
Suzanne L. Baldwin | Syracuse University
Richard Barclay | Northwestern University
Hoffmann Barfod | University of California
Rodey Batiza | National Science Foundation
David Bottjer | University of Southern California
Jim Bowring | Georgia Institute of Technology
Sam Bowring | Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Bjorn Brooks | Massachusetts Institute of Technology
James Brownell | Cal State Fresno
John Burke | Streator High School
Pedro Castiøeiras | US Geological Survey
Cinzia Cervato | Iowa State University
Kevin Chamberlain | University of Wyoming
Michael Cheatham | Syracuse University
William Clyde | University of New Hampshire
James Connelly | University of Texas
Cathy Constable | Scripps Inst. of Oceanography
Jennifer Cole | Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
Drew Coleman | University of North Carolina
Jim Crowley | Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Jesse Dann | Boston University
Frank Dudas | Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Linda Elkins-Tanton | Brown University
Douglas Erwin | National Museum of Natural History
Stanley Finney | California State University
Robert J. Fleck | U.S. Geological Survey
Rebecca Flowers | University of California
Breton Frazer | Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Philip D. Gingerich | University of Michigan
John Grotzinger | California Institute of Technology
Bill Hames | Auburn University
Stephen Harlan | National Science Foundation
Paul Harnik | University of Chicago
Matthew Heizler | New Mexico Institute of Technology
Sidney Hemming | Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
Ann Heatherington | University of Florida
Robert Hildebrand | Utah State University
Linda Hinnov | Johns Hopkins University
Kip Hodges | Arizona State University
Paul Hoffman | Harvard University
Jeremy | University of California
Todd Housh | The University of Texas
Brian Huber | Smithsonian Museum of Natural History
Warren Huff | University of Cincinnati
Bruce Idleman | Lehigh University
Clark Isachsen | University of Arizona
Kirk Johnson | Denver Museum of Nature & Science
Fred Jourdan | University of California
Joe Kirschvink | California Institute of Technology
Paul Koch | University of California
Anthony Koppers | Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Michael Kunk | U.S. Geological Survey
David Lambert | National Science Foundation
Christopher Klug | Bowling Green State
Andrew H. Knoll | Harvard University
Richard Lane | National Science Foundation
Thomas Lapen | University of Houston
Britt Leatham | California State University
Bob Levin | Levin Fossil Collection
Stacy Loewy | University of North Carolina
James F. Luhr | Smithsonian Institution
Zhe-Xi Luo | Carnegie Museum of Natural History
R.H. Macdonald | William and Mary College
Malka Machlus | Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
Daniel MacPhee | Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Brian Marshall | U.S. Geological Survey
Mark W. Martin | Shell
James Mattinson | University of California
Jennnifer Matzel | University of California
David McCormick | Shlumberger
Noah McLean | Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Arnie Miller | University of Cincinnati
Brent Miller | Texas A&M
Robert Miller | San Jose State University
Kyoungwon Min | Yale University
Ross Mitchell | Carleton College
David Mohrig | Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Isabel Montaøez | University of California
Paul Mueller | University of Florida
Roland Mundil | University of California
Samuel Mukasa | University of Michigan
Adina Paytan | Stanford University
Lisa Peters | NM Institute of Mining and Technology
Shanan Peters | University of Michigan
Kevin J Peterson |Dartmouth College
Richard Phillips | University of California
Susannah Porter | University of California
Matthew Powell | Washington and Lee University
Malcolm S Pringle | Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Ignacio Pujana | University of Texas
Jahandar Ramezani | Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Troy Rasbury | State University of New York
Paul Renne | University of California
Matthew Rioux | University of California
Daniel Rothman | Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Peter Sadler | University of California
David Sams | Schafer Laboratories
Scott Samson | Syracuse University
Mark Schmitz | Boise State University
Blair Schoenen | Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Bryan Sell | Syracuse University
Justin Simon | University of California
Brad Singer | University of Wisconsin
Steve Singletary | University of Arizona
Walter Snyder | Boise State University
Lynn Soreghan | University of Oklahoma
Holly Stein | Colorado State University
Daniel Stockli | University of Kansas
Gianna Sullivan | Denver Museum of NH
Roger Summons | Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Carl Swisher | Rutgers University
Lisa Tauxe | University of California
Victor Valencia | University of Arizona
John Valley | University of Wisconsin
Randall Van Schmus | University of Kansas
Doug Walker | University of Kansas
Pat Walsh | Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Laura Webb | Syracuse University
Benjamin Weiss | Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Elisabeth Widom | Miami University
Peter Wilf | Pennsylvania State University
Heather Wilson | Yale University
Scott Wing | Smithsonian Institution
Francis D. Winslow III | Stony Brook University
Shuhai Xiao | Virginia Polytechnic Institute
Margaret M. Yacobucci | Bowling Green State University

EARTHTIME is supported by the National Science Foundation.